Gathering Christians in the legal profession from across Europe to seek God's heart 

50 Nations,

1 Fellowship


4-7 October 2018

Gather to me my faithful ones, ...
The heavens declares His righteousness,
for God himself is judge!
Psalm 50 v5-6

Come to Berlin, a city that has seen a miraculous transformation through unity!


Gather together from 4–7 October 2018 with Christians in the legal profession, drawn from all nations across Europe, to seek God’s heart.


With a focus on unity in Christ (John 17), we aim to:

- be equipped through God’s word to be salt and light within our legal practice;

- worship God together with colleagues of our profession;

- deepen our relationship with God and with each other; and

- seek God’s truth and justice for Europe.


Christians of all denominations, practicing or in the process of training for the legal profession, throughout Europe are welcome!


Our prayer is that we will all be better equipped to speak and live out the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Organised by C + J e.V. and the LCF on your behalf.

Looking forward to gathering together in Berlin!